N.J.Metrology - CMM Calibration
We Supply All Types of Renishaw Probe Systems to Suit any CMM, Please contact us for special Offer's that are currently available. We stock TP2's and TP200 for Express Service Exchange.
Machine Tool Probe
The MP10 probe system is a new addition to the proven range of Renishaw optical transmission probes, identical in size, shape and signal transmission to the MP7, 8, and 9 probes. The MP10 offers users a new mode of probe activation. The battery powered probe is switched on by an optical signal and after operation is switched off by either automatic time out or a second optical signal. Automatically spindle-loaded like any tool, the probe is driven against work pieces and fixtures, generating a trigger signal each time a surface contact is made. The machine control then responds to this information which is optically transmitted via the Renishaw MI12 interface. Probe contact positions provide the data necessary for accurate unmanned operation.