N.J.Metrology - CMM Calibration
We are able to offer you top quality products at highly competitive prices, up to 30% discount compared to typical manufacturers prices. These styli are manufactured to the highest class in precision and can be used on any CMM irrespective of machine type.
Tracer tips with tungsten carbide shafts Tracer tips with ceramic shafts
N.J.Metrology offers a wide range of CMM Styli for all kind of measuring and control applications. A modular construction concept of these tips ensures compatibility with all frequently used measuring systems.
Compared to CMM styli with tungsten carbide shafts these tips offer the advantage of lower inertia combined with comparatively high rigidity. These features allow high approaching speeds.Ceramic shaft tracer tips are available in standard length up to 130mm. customized modification can be manufactured to suit.
Carbon Fibre styli and extensions Silicon Nitrade Ball styli
Carbon fibre styli are available with Ruby or Silicone Nitride balls, these are available to suit any thread size and any length. Carbon fibre extensions are available in any thread combinations and again any length to suit. These are individually made and we offer a fast delivery service. Just fill in the form on the CMM Information Page.
Advantages: Customers report significantly increased tool life over conventional ruby Styli, especially in demanding applications where ruby balls tend to accumulate tiny pieces of material on their surface. Such a build up often leads to errors in measurement and eventual replacement.